Find Family Happiness with Gorgeous Russian Brides

Ever noticed how gorgeous hot Russian brides are? If not, log in to any international dating platform and see for yourself. Still, their looks are not the only thing that makes Western men fall madly in love with beautiful Russian brides. In fact, it is not even the primary thing that makes men go crazy. The real reason why so many lonely bachelors in the US and Europe choose these mysterious beauties over their local matches is that Russians simply make good, dependable wives and mothers. Besides, meeting Russian women online and marrying one of them later is no longer difficult or even expensive. Think you might give it a try? Read on to find what makes Russians so truly special and where you can find them.

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Top reasons to consider marrying Russian mail order brides

Whenever men hear about Russian mail order brides, they imagine ladies who are willing to do anything to escape their country and settle down in a more civilized country. This is a common stereotype, yet it has little to do with the actual reality. Russian girls may be searching for a man abroad, and they may be willing to relocate, but it doesn’t mean they will settle for anyone. Neither does it mean they have a specific destination in mind — most often, they want to build a lasting family with Mr. Right, and they are willing to explore multiple options across the globe. Here are just some reasons to consider Russian women brides as your best matches:

  • They want to build a traditional family with a suitable man. Current demographic situation in Russia favors men since women significantly outnumber them. Simply put, eligible bachelors have a vast pool of options in Russia, while women do not have the same luxury. This is why plenty of Russian brides are willing to explore other countries. Still, their primary motivation is to find a life partner who would love and support them — not necessarily financially, but rather emotionally. In return, they have tons of love and affection to offer.
  • They are faithful and caring partners. You cannot buy a Russian bride with grand gestures, but if you win her heart with kindness and attention, you’ll get a wife that will stand your ground no matter what. Russian women have high moral standards, and their loyalty implies way more than just marital fidelity. They can give advice when needed and keep quiet when they see that their man needs a moment of silence. They use dating services in search of a man who would appreciate them, and once they find their match and say their wedding vows, the lucky husbands can rest assured: Russian brides mean every word they say.
  • Mail order brides marriages have low divorce rates. Online dating gives couples a chance to really get to know each other, which means that very few couples jump to rush conclusion about getting married. As a result, marriages with mail order Russian brides last longer and very few of them end up in divorce. This fact alone proves that international dating deserves a shot.
  • International couples live happier lives than local families. Some men are uncertain about Russian women for marriage because they think cultural barriers are tough. This may, indeed, be so; on the other hand, couples that come from the same environment tend to forget they are different people with different ideas and life views. Somehow, coming from the same culture makes people forget all that, while cross-cultural couples remember it, and treat each other with more caution and respect. No wonder, so many of them report happier marriage life — the kind of life they’ve always been dreaming of.
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What can a Russian wife offer to a Western man?

The above stats may seem impressive enough, but they do not paint a clear picture of Russian women. More importantly, they do not answer the question —do Russian women make good wives? After all, most of us already have a certain idea about an ideal spouse. Of course, given how big the country is and how many people (and even nationalities) live there, it would be hard to give a precise characterization of a lady in the Russian brides club. Still, we will try to sum up the main concepts:

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Quick wit and out-of-the-box thinking

Some men may argue that bride’s intelligence is not the primary aspect they are interested in, but we believe these gentlemen have never dated less than a clever girl. Those who have, on the other hand, will appreciate how witty and smart Russian girls are. Education stands in Russia are very high, and since a very young age, most children learn independent, critical thinking skills. Some may even say it is in their genes, so if you need a woman who would be an equal and exciting conversation partner, this may be the top destination for you.

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Easy-going, loving and exciting personalities

Another reason why ever more men are searching for Russian mail order wives is that these ladies are simply exciting to be around. It’s true that they got used to harder living conditions than most Western women — one can even say that they are less spoiled. As a result, you can easily take a Russian gal on a hiking trip and never hear a word of complaint — something that would be hard to imagine with a Western peer. Russian brides take things easy and can joke even when they are tired or upset. This makes them amazing partners — not only in challenging times — but in common, everyday situations.

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Meticulous homemaking and mouth-watering cooking

Even single Russian women are amazing cooks and impressive homemakers. It’s just not in their nature to live in a messy home or eat unhealthy food. When they do get married, they start polishing their homemaking and cooking skills to absolute perfection. They will eagerly try new recipes that would please everyone in the family; they will start working on a new household routine that would help them save time on cleaning the house and running all errands. And we must admit— they are pretty good in it because most beautiful Russian women tend to combine running a home with working a full-time job.

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Patience and attention to children

Still, one of the primary reasons why so many single men go hunting for Russian wives is a simple fact that Russians make amazing mothers. With a mother like this, your children will not be over-protected. Instead, she will try her best to teach the little ones to take care of themselves. It concerns many aspects of life, from taking responsibility for one’s actions to coping with a variety of daily challenges all on their own. Of course, such a parenting approach does not mean a Russian mother does not care about her children and would rather leave them alone. Quite on the contrary — she loves them so much that she’s preparing them for a happy, independent life from an early age. And that takes quite a lot of wisdom and self-discipline on her part.

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A shoulder to rely on in all situations

To date Russian women means to have someone you can rely on. Even before you get married, most Russian girlfriends will eagerly offer you a supporting shoulder when you need one. She may not help you physically — especially if you are still on your online dating relationship phase. Still, she will give you support and consolation when you need it most, and she will usually do it quite automatically. Mutual support is another skill Russian girls master at an early age, and it comes naturally to them.

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How to get in touch with hot Russian brides

There are plenty of websites that can find you a good match, and a variety of dating services that can introduce you to Russian brides online. Some will even be free of charge; however, we would advise against using free platforms in search of a wife. The most obvious reason is that free sites take zero responsibility for any activity on the site, and very few of them bother to verify user identities. This, in turn, leaves plenty of room for potential scammers — and, as a reasonable gentleman, you would not want to waste time on fraudulent or unreal accounts.

Besides, using a professional dating agency is not as expensive as most men think. One of the priciest subscriptions costs around 50 USD per month, and most sites charge even less than that. Also, when you subscribe for longer periods (three, six, or twelve months), monthly cost drops even lower than that, often reaching $15-20 limit.

Finally, commercial dating services can usually offer a set of other useful features most men will appreciate. For example:

  • Additional security checks: a reliable dating website will do more than verify their brides’ identities just once. Truly professional services will keep checking in with the ladies to make sure none of the accounts changed hands — either intentionally or by accident.
  • Automatic or human message translation: not all hot Russian women are fluent in English, even though most of them have some basic speaking skills. Should you get interested in a lady whose English is far from perfect, you can make use of automated translation feature. Some agencies may still hire human translators, but this practice grows ever less common — because translation algorithms grow ever more sophisticated.
  • Helpful support team: not every site will have a support team available online 24/7, but — they will have a team that can address any of your requests within a business day. You can address them about site logic or navigation, or you could report suspicious profile activity if you want the management to run a background check on a specific user.
  • Real-life gift delivery: sooner or later, one of the beautiful Russian brides you meet online will stand out from the competition. To show the lady your affection, you may want to surprise her with a box of chocolate or some flowers. Both can be arranged if the site has a local division in Russia — and reliable dating services usually do.
  • Help with travel arrangements: another bonus you can count on when addressing a reliable dating agency. If for example, you plan to visit a couple of women, local management can help you arrange this trip. You might even save some cash on flights and accommodation if you ask local admins for help.
  • Assistance with visas and relocation: and finally, when you meet your perfect match and decide to pop the question, you may also count on professional help with any legal paperwork you need. This assistance is optional and may come either in the form of consulting or as actual help when submitting all the required documents to the embassy and getting a marriage visa. Sure, you will still be expected to pay embassy fees, as well as any fees the site bills for their services, but often, this path is easier and less stressful than submitting all paperwork on your own.

So, to get in touch with eligible Russian brides, you should:

  1. Find a reputable service that meets the above criteria
  2. Sign in and search for suitable profiles
  3. Top off your account balance or buy a subscription
  4. Start chatting with lovely brides

Sooner or later, you’ll meet a woman you would like to marry. Most men manage to find their match within a year or sooner. If you want to speed your search up, we suggest talking to several Russian brides online rather than focus on one lady at a time.


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